Structure and Subsidiaries

Periodicals & e-Products Import Center

The center, consisting of four secondary departments: Ordering and Cataloging Dept., Marketing and Sales Dept., Circulation Dept. and e-Periodicals Import Dept., is renowned for subscription and distribution services of overseas newspapers, journals, magazines and e-publications, with its business relations both to overseas links with more than 10,000 publishers in over 116 countries and regions. It is able to offer a catalog of over 100,000 titles for its clients. Honoring the culture of creditability and mutual benefit, it has developed over the years, an excellent reputation amongst overseas publishers and agencies. With efficient operations of CNPIEC' s subsidiaries in USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Russia and other places, it has developed a massive subscription and distribution network, enabling a timely execution of the subscription orders. To facilitate the subscription placements, it accepts RMB currency for payments. Its express delivery system connected to the provincial capital cities and other key cities in China provides a door-to-door delivery service. With all of its efforts, the Periodicals & e-products Dept. guarantees a good quality of service to the customers.
Tel: 0086 10 6500 5106 Fax: 0086 10 65866970

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