Structure and Subsidiaries

Publications Export Center

Publications Export Center, consisting of Department of Book Export, Department of Newspaper and Periodical Export, primarily engages in export of books and periodicals, audio-visual products, electronic publications, cultural articles and the like with an annual export of 60,000-odd varieties of books and 6,000-odd varieties of periodicals, and its customers distribute in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. The center provides overseas libraries with book procurement service and a series of additional services such as modification of books to hardcover binding, adding magnetic stripes and bar codes to books and stamping books with library seals as well as CNMARC and USMARC data according to customers’ requirements. The center also handles formalities for customs declaration, shipping and settlement of export of books, periodicals and other cultural products on behalf of groups and individuals. The center has maintained excellent relationship of cooperation and trade with overseas libraries, research institutions and bookstores for a long time, and annually participates in various Chinese book and periodical fairs held in North America, Australia, France, Singapore and Taiwan. The center has established long-term friendly business relationship and cooperation with more than 1,000 home publishing organizations. It has fast access to information, abundant supplies.
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