1. Publications Import
With its perfect procurement and distribution network home and abroad, China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) is the largest importer of publications in terms of scope and titles, with two exclusive rights in audio-video product import business and the selling of imported newspaper and periodicals at foreign residence and office sites. It has a domestic client base of up to more than 10,000 libraries, research institutes, academic institutions. Its imported publications covers 370,000 varieties which account for over 60% of the import market share in China, including newspapers, periodicals, books, documentations, audiovisual products, databases, e-books and other information materials from more than 10,000 publishing companies and academic institutions and social groups located in over 110 countries and regions worldwide.
2. Publications Export
As the driving force of the state’s going-out strategy in Chinese publishing industry, the volume of exporting publications of CNPIEC is over 300,000 varieties, which accounts for 30% of the domestic export market share. It has been appointed as the National Key Culture Export Enterprises for several times.
3. Exhibition Services
CNPIEC is the first professional institute in China specialized in international book fair business. Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), founded and organized by CNPIEC, has been successfully held for 19 sessions in 27 years as one of the four major international book fairs. BIBF has become an important channel of publishing and culture exchange. Moreover, CNPIEC engaged itself in business of organizing and providing quality services for Chinese delegations to attend international book fairs in twenty countries and regions, including Frankfurt Book Fair and London Book Fair.
4. Overseas operations
Committed itself to international operation of the Chinese publishing industry, CNPIEC now has 26 overseas outlets including 6 branch companies or offices in USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Russia and Hong Kong, 8 publishing houses, 12 book stores and distribution companies, which formed the largest transnational sales network including import, export, publishing and distribution in the Chinese publishing industry.
5. Financial investments
As one of the publishing companies engaged in financial investment at an earlier stage, CNPIEC is the 12th shareholder of Guotai & Jun’an Securities company, the biggest security company in China. It established solely-owned SCM Investment Co., Ltd which has strong financing capacity.
6. “Big Culture”trade
Actively involved in developing non-publication international trade, CNPIEC has formed “Big Culture”trade pattern by taking publication import and export as its core, and other international operation on cultural products as the supplementary.
7. Real estate property management
CNPIEC possesses real property of 200,000 square meters at home and abroad in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Dalian, New York, London, and Frankfurt, which formed property management pattern by adopting industrial parks management as its core business for transregional and transnational operations.

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