November, 1949.  International Bookstore (predecessor of CNPIEC) was established and started the business of importing publications.
January, 1964. China Foreign Language Bookstore was established. The import business was transferred from International Bookstore to China Foreign Language Bookstore.
January, 1972 China Foreign Language Bookstore was renamed as China National Publications Import Corporation, specialized in import publication business.
February, 1978 China National Publications Import Corporation was subordinate to the State Science and Technology Commission (Now refers to the Ministry of Science and Technology).
May, 1979 China National Publications Import Corporation Guangzhou branch was established.
October, 1980 China National Publishing industry Trading Corporation (CNPITC) was founded.
January, 1981 China National Publications Import Corporation integrated publications export business and was renamed as China National Publications Import and Export Corporation.
March, 1981 CNPIEC set up its subsidiary in New York; it became the first wholly-owned subsidiary overseas for China publication industry.
October, 1985 China National Publications Import and Export Corporation Shanghai branch was established.
June, 1986 CNPIEC set up the representative offices in the UK and Federal Germany.
September, 1986 CNPIEC hosted” the 1st Beijing International Book Fair”, it was the first international book exhibition which ever held in Chinese publishing Industry.
April, 1988 CNPIEC opened its representative office in Japan.
August, 1988 CNPIEC Xi’an branch was established.
June, 1993 CNPIEC Shenzhen branch was established.
September, 1996 CNPIEC Dalian branch was established.
February, 1998 CNPIEC established China Wan Da Trading Co., Ltd. in Russia.
March, 1999 SCM investment Co.,Ltd. was established in Shenzhen.
August, 1999 CNPIEC was renamed as China Publications Import and Export (Group) corporation.
April, 2002 CNPIEC became the member of China Publishing Group Corp.
January, 2009 CNPIEC and CNPITC carried out strategic reorganization.

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