Structure and Subsidiaries

China Publications Expo International

As one of the main business units of China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation, China Publication Expo International is dedicated to develop the exhibition business in field of domestic publishing industry and to build the largest platform for international cultural exchange and international exhibition business with the commitment to promoting international culture exchange and expanding Chinese book copyright export.
Consisting of two subordinate departments, BIBF Management Office and International Exhibition Department, Expo Center expands its business scope including the organization of Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), the largest annual international book fair in China; the organization of Beijing International Publishing Forum and Beijing International Copyright Seminar, high level authoritative international publishing conferences in China; organizing more than 100 Chinese publishers to participate in the international book fairs in nearly 20 countries and regions; the organization of Guest of Honor events for China at important international book fairs authorized by the government; the organization of large scale cultural exhibitions and fairs in cooperation with local governments; jointly funded Hubei Zhongtu Changjiang Culture and Exhibition Co., Ltd. in central China undertaking China (Wuhan) Periodical Fair, providing services in periodical, newspaper, books, electronic products, audio and video products, digital products, animation and games, publication distribution, printing and duplicating equipments; providing book copyright trade agent services, publishing information and copyright consultancy services of international publications.
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