Structure and Subsidiaries

Digital Development Center

Responding to the digitalization of global publishing and the rapid development of digital libraries in China, in 2012, China National Publications Import & Export(Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) set up Digital Development Center as the frontline of its digital transformation. Digital Development Center consists of Digital Product Department & Data Center, mainly specialized in converging, importing, sales and marketing services of digital resources. Meanwhile, Digital Development Center supports IT infrastructure construction, management, safety and reliable operation for CNPIEC, and also be responsible for the management, cooperation, and technical support to CNPIEC.
Digital Development Center has established comprehensive and close cooperation with international renowned publishers, society/associate publishers and international organizations. On the basis of the customer relationship and sales channels accumulated in more than 60 years, Digital Development Center implements various marketing and sales activities aiming at publishers’ full range of digital products, provides customers with efficient, stable, professional and customized purchase service and solution. 
As a digital resource business and service platform, CNPeReading has fully demonstrated to both publishers and customers of the idea of co-construction, sharing and mutual benefiting. It provides integrated promotional and sales plans for publishers, as well as one-stop services including E-book recommendation, purchasing, accessing, managing and integration for institutional clients. It centralizes content convergence, sales and promotion, content management and services, all the features made it an innovative digital product platform with foresight, as well as an effective platform customized for Chinese market.
CNPeReading Platform:
Tel: 0086 10 65063061/65042113
 Fax: 0086 10 65067100

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