Structure and Subsidiaries

Book Import Center

Book Import Center is in charge of the procurement, sales and distribution for all the imported books published in foreign countries, including the regions of Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan. Its main business is to supply books for academic library, textbooks, and the mass sales market with products including printed edition, electronic version and microfilm. Through business development of over 60 years, Book Import Center has maintained a long-term and friendly business relationship with thousands of publishers, associations, institutions, and booksellers worldwide. Book Import Center consists of four departments: Importing & Cataloging Department, Library Department, Textbook Department, and Wholesaling Department. The import products cover all kinds of publications and their electronic versions. Besides, Book Import Center is responsible for organizing and arranging exhibits, displaying exhibits, purchase and sales of the annual Beijing International Book Fair and other important exhibitions.
Book Import Center developed the leading business management system and has set up the well known PSOP platform(which is short for promotion, selection, ordering and platform), which provides a complete solution to the Chinese library procurement system. To facilitate libraries and readers in their publication selection, this center releases monthly catalogs as well as the catalogue collections especially for BIBF. In addition, In order to meet the needs of growing market for overseas textbook and trade titles, the center also provides customized catalogues. High quality MARC services are supplied to our institutional customers, which earn a good reputation in the field.
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